Yeoman Zahra from “Operation Annihilate”

Zahra was played by model Maurishka Taliaferro, who was credited only as “Maurishka” in the episode. At the time, she was highly sought-after by agencies, magazines and fashion photographers and she used that fame to secure a role on Star Trek, which she was huge fan of.

Other than her appearance on Star Trek, her on-screen credits are rather sparse. She was in 1970’s The Red, White and Black (which featured Trekstuntman Bobby Clark) along with the Elvis Presley flick Stay Away, Joe. She also was seen (but not credited) in the Fred Astaire movie, Finian’s Rainbow. Interestingly, Vince Howard, who played one of the disguises used by the M113 Salt Vampire also had an uncredited part in the same film.

In the NuTrek continuity featured in the recent IDW comics, Zahra is an accomplished pilot with the rank of Lieutenant. The character also appears in the TOS novel Crucible: Provenance of Shadows, one of three novels that served as sequels to “City on the Edge of Forever.”